Deluxe Edition

Incredibly happy to at long last reveal and release the Deluxe edition of ‘Burn – Into the flames of burning art’.

Please allow me to introduce you to upside down dude, with his take on a journey that took in twirling burning dancers and a life size T-Rex mechanised puppet, amid many other oddities, in a space that turns many conventions and ideas on there head… 

Naturally upside down dude is looking out through a camera lens with ‘An Eye’, the Tankwa mountains are silhouetted on the reverse and a lighter is to hand for setting that fire… A spiral is at the centre of all things for your own interpretation.

The bronze is a collaboration between Egon Tania, Robbie Malan and the author Simon O’Callaghan, with the first castings in the next couple of months.

The deluxe edition also comes with 16 signatures from a selection of founders, directors and artists, along with 5 limited edition C-Type metallic prints, each corresponding to the book edition. 

The deluxe edition is limited to 26 copies and lettered between A-Z. A life long reminder of how AfrikaBurn and Burning Man have either turned you upside down, or how your efforts have help turn convention and the world on its head.

For any enquiries or further information please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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Have a look at ‘BURN – Into the flames of burning art’ here.