About Simon

"The creative process is just intelligence having fun"

A globetrotter with a passion for exploring diverse cultures and destinations, Simon’s journey began in the outskirts of a small village in southern England. Inspired by books and other’s stories of distant lands and strange people, he began his journey in 1984, setting sail to explore the world’s wonders and cultures. His adventures took him across the Caribbean seas, hitchhiking through America, facing down snowstorms in the Himalayas, and even surviving for 18-days on a desert island off Thailand without food or water.

Having lived in various countries for spans of six months to many years, Simon gained a unique perspective that few are fortunate to acquire. His transformative moment came during his studies at Budapest’s Szepmuveszeti Fine Art museum, where he realised his true calling lay in photography. This revelation prompted him to study at South Africa’s National College of Photography, delving into various photographic genres like fashion, portraiture, documentary, and fine art.

With a distinction under his belt, Simon’s work earned him worldwide recognition, clinching over 20 awards from esteemed platforms like the Fuji Film SA Awards, the Sony Profoto SA Awards and the Worldwide Gala Awards.

His book ‘BURN – Into the flames of burning art” a personal journey of imagery from his time  with his build crew ‘Fata Morgana’ creating Lizzy the T-Rex and the subsequent journey taking her to Burning Man, and his involvement as a member of the AfrikaBurn organisation, setting up and running the Photography portfolio, was published at the end of 2017 with it going on to win Best Fine Art Book, and Overall Winner at the Bookbedonnard festival of independent publishers in 2018. The Deluxe edition was released in 2020 just as our world changed.

While he’s now rooted in Cape Town, he continues to traverse Africa and different parts of the world, capturing the real essence through his lens and living out his passions, hobbies and creative dreams.